Speech Pathology

A Speech Pathologist is available at the Cora Barclay Centre to complement the other Cora Barclay Centre core services. Our Speech Pathologist can assist with: 

Children with general speech and language difficulties

Speech Pathology services include initial diagnosis and plan development in consultation with parents/caregivers, formal assessments with comprehensive written reports and ongoing therapy to overcome challenges with speech, language, social communication and learning. Therapy is individualised to the child’s specific needs.

Children with a hearing impairment on service with the Cora Barclay Centre

Speech Pathology services are only provided to children who are identified by their Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS) or Teacher of the Deaf (TOD) as presenting with specific speech (articulation and/or phonology) difficulties. Speech and language development continues to be targeted within the child’s Auditory-Verbal Therapy sessions or Teacher of the Deaf lessons.

Aural Habilitation

Adults with cochlear implants will also be able to access speech habiliation when required.  This may be at the point when they are fitted with a new speech processor, when they receive a second cochlear implant or if they feel that their listening and speech has deteriorated or needs improving.

Program Approach

  • Centre-based therapy in a family friendly environment
  • Half hour therapy sessions using play based techniques (relevant to child’s age)
  • Take home exercises and activities provide after each session
  • Caregiver training of speech techniques and activities to facilitate optimal progress/outcomes
  • Regular communication with the child’s parents/caregivers and also school teachers, support workers and other agencies involved with the child regarding progress and recommendations.


Appointment Type Description Duration   Fee
Speech Sounds (Articulation) Assessment Case history and observations and speech sounds assessment(s) 30 minutes   


Language Assessment  Case history, observations and language assessment(s) 60 minutes   $150
Speech and Language Assessment  Speech and language assessment(s); without report  120 minutes   $200
Report Written report     $50

Speech and/or language therapy

30 minutes   $75


If a child has a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan from their GP the family will be able to claim a Medicare rebate for up to a maximum of 5 therapy sessions.

If the child is a sibling of a child or student either in Early Intervention or on Student Services, there fee will be reduced to $50 for an initial consultation/assessment and therapy (30 minutes).

If a child is a participant of the NDIS then the NDIS charge rate will apply. 

Aural Habilitation has an alternative fee structure. Please call the Cora Barclay Centre on 08 8267 9200 or email reception@corabarclay.com.au for more details.

The Cora Barclay Centre speech pathology program has been established to provide a high quality, yet affordable service to families that have concerns about their child’s speech and/or language development. All funds raised through the program go towards helping children who are deaf or hearing impaired to learn to speak and reach their full potential.

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