Soundfield Technology

The Cora Barclay Centre retails various forms of sound field technology, including Soundfield Systems, Personal FM units and loop systems.

All proceeds from technology sales go towards helping South Australian children who are deaf or hearing impaired.

FrontRow is a sound field amplification system specifically designed for classrooms (over 1500 have been installed in South Australian classrooms alone!)

These systems can also be used in halls, community centres,conference rooms and other areas where people congregate and need to hear a clear and concise reproduction of sound - either from the person speaking or from an attached media device - or from both at the same time.

Frontrow Juno

Your Voice is Juno's command

A teacher’s voice is a powerful educational tool – now more than ever. The Juno digital sound system listens as attentively as students do, so teachers can control important functions simply by talking to it. - Want more volume? - just say so!

Voice-activated lesson capture  
At last, Juno makes it practical for busy teachers to use the time-saving, results-boosting power of lesson capture. If you can say “begin” and “finish,” Juno can handle the rest. Like magic, Juno’s exclusive Echo feature makes a video of teacher and student voices, media audio, and the computer screen, automatically titles it with the right subject based on your schedule, and helps you post it for students to review at night — all in the device-agnostic MP4 format viewable on Windows or Mac , smart phones, and more. No special knowledge, no cords, and no big time commitment needed. 

Installation-free, without compromising sound quality  
Juno needs no installation: its speakers and receiver are in one ready-to-use tower. Because it’s a digital multi-speaker 2.1 array rather than a single point source, Juno delivers excellent stereo sound coverage in an affordable, scalable package. And the onboard next-generation Adapto digital engine actively scans audio 375 times per second to suppress feedback squeal before it starts.

                                   Frontrow Juno

FrontRow Pro Digital - IR Soundfield

  • Clear speech intelligibility optimised in relation to the background noise in the classroom.                                                                                                
  • Easy to operate.
  • Comfortable wireless pendant microphone for the teacher. 
  • Optional wireless microphone for team-teaching or student pass microphone.
  • Connection for FM systems. 
  • Connects to PC, TV, DVD, CD and other multimedia.
  • Permanently mounted wall or ceiling speakers.
  • Automatic power-saving stand-by function.

                                        FrontRow Pro Digital - IR Soundfield


FrontRow To Go - FM portable Soundfield system

Clear speech intelligibility optimised in relation to the background noise 

  • Comes in a smart carry bag, weighing 5kg
  • Wireless transmitter with boom microphone 
  • Wireless microphone for team- teaching or student pass microphone 
  • Column speaker with 2 speaker units for even sound distribution 
  • Can be mounted on wall, table or floor stand for flexible and simple installation 
  • Connects to FM systems 
  • Connects to PC, TV, DVD, CD and other multimedia 
  • Problem-free charging

If you need to have the advantages of Soundfield away from a power source then FrontRow To Go is perfect. It can follow you wherever you go – its powerful built-in battery can last over several sessions of teaching, even if there’s no mains power socket in sight.

FrontRow To Go has been specifically designed for portability being able to run either on mains power or off its own built in battery (6 hours talk time!)

The system unit can be mounted on a wall (de-mountable) or simply on its own tripod floor stand giving both flexibility and portability.

With two speakers mounted inside its case everything is contained within a sleek functional column.

It has two radio frequency (FM) based wireless transmitters - one with a neck worn boom microphone, and the other as a hand-held ‘lollipop’ style microphone.The transmitters can be used individually or together (using separate radio frequencies).

To complete the package, the system has an auxiliary in connection (to connect TV, DVD, CD, MP3 players or PCs) and an auxiliary out connection (to connect personal FM units) both connections having their own volume controls.

The cost of this system is $1,900.00 (ex GST) with a freight charge of $30.00 (System training will be provided free of charge).

If you’re interested in a demonstration please give us a call and we will be all too happy to bring out a unit for you to experience first hand the power and flexibility of this system.

     FrontRow To Go - FM portable Soundfield system

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