Lois is four years old and has a moderate hearing loss. She has worn hearing aids since she was four weeks old. She converses in English and Tagalog.

Through the Early Intervention Program and the support of her parents, Lois is now busily chatting when playing and likes nothing more than having tea parties with her dolls.

She really enjoys book telling time with her favourite story at the moment being “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. She makes the sounds in the story with her favourite “swishy, swashy, swishy, swashy" for the long grass.

Her older brother also has moderate hearing loss and attends the Cora Barclay Centre.

For children affected by deafness the future prospects are positive.

Thanks to early diagnosis, continuing advances in hearing technologies, and access to listening and spoken language early childhood intervention at an early age, children who are deaf or hearing impaired have the potential to learn, listen and speak. 

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