Jax was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at just a few weeks of age. He began attending the Cora Barclay Centre almost immediately. Just before his first birthday Jax underwent surgery to receive two cochlear implants, giving him access to sound. However, when the implants were switched on that was just the beginning of the journey.

Since Jax’s implants were switched on he has attended weekly therapy sessions with aListening and Spoken Language Therapist. Through this therapy Jax has been able to learn to understand the sounds he is hearing through his implants, and he is making amazing progress. 

Now, almost 3 years old, Jax is putting three word sentences together, learning to name all of the colours, counting to three and asking lots of questions.

Jax love getting messy with sand and water play and particularly loves “goop”!

He also loves animals and can name some farm, jungle and sea animals.

Specialist early intervention is imperative in the first few years for any child with a hearing loss.

It is essential that children have early diagnosis, immediate audiological intervention and engagement in an early intervention program to improve the oral language, social and emotional, and ultimately long-term education and life outcomes for these children.

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