Elijah is like any other bright and energetic four year old boy, busy exploring and enjoying the world with his big brother Zake and little sister Aria.

But Elijah hears the world a little differently as he was born profoundly deaf. He is learning to listen and speak with the help of Cora Barclay Centre’s Early Intervention Program which provides him with individualised Auditory-Verbal Therapy.

Elijah has bilateral cochlear implants and undertakes regular Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT) sessions with one of Cora Barclay Centre’s Listening and Spoken Language Specialists. These sessions also guide and coach Elijah’s family by empowering them to support Elijah in the journey towards listening and spoken language.

Group programs provide an essential component of the Early Intervention Program and Elijah loves attending Bright Start, out transition to school program. 

The vast majority of children who attend the Cora Barclay Centre, who have no additional disabilities, achieve age-appropriate speech, language and comprehension by the time they go to school.

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