April loves pink, Dora the Explorer and playing with dolls. You wouldn’t suspect that since a diagnosis of a moderate to severe hearing loss at just 3 months of age. April and her parents, Sam and John, have been through a roller coaster of emotions and a seemingly endless diary of appointments regarding the management of her hearing loss. After months of wearing hearing aids it was discovered that her hearing loss was more severe than initially diagnosed and that she would require at least one cochlear implant. April received her first cochlear implant in October 2012 and was approved for a second cochlear implant just over a year later. Since then April has built up her language and is now speaking in three (or more) word phrases, has begun to enjoy singing along to her favourite songs and even asks for her cochlear implant processors to be put on if they fall off!  Particularly since receiving her second implant, April has become a sponge for language, constantly imitating phrases overheard from her parents and putting together phrases of her own.

Recently during a therapy session, Sam beamed “she is so much more confident now, I just can’t believe how much she talks and engages with everyone.”  It has been a difficult journey but April's parents are looking forward to watching her learn and grow as she interacts with and listens to the world around her. 

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