WHISPA is a peer mentoring and support group for young oral deaf people aged from 12 to 18 years. Members meet fortnightly to engage in activities which range from sports and adventure to workshops in personal and vocational development. A strong, inclusive friendship group is formed and maintained between all members of WHISPA based on mutual respect and acceptance.

An annual camp is also available to all WHISPA members. 

The 2016 Calendar has commenced with lots of great activities to look forward to including visiting Kart Mania,King Pin Bowling, Stand Firm program ( a youth program to educate and give practical tools to stand up against bullying), Animal Welfare League visit, Coaching for Life and much more.

WHISPA also has a members only Facebook group, so that the young people can keep in touch between fortnightly get-togethers.

WHISPA Leadership

Opportunities for leadership through the WHISPA program are harnessed; a formal program encompassing separate workshops and a three day camp further develop the leadership skills of the WHISPA youth leaders. Skills and training acquired within this group translate to the greater community and help prepare the youth leaders for their careers and life generally. 

How do I find out more about WHISPA?

Please contact the Peer Support Coordinator on 82679200 or via email. 

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