What are WHISPA and CHAMPS? 

CHAMPS (Children with Hearing Impairments Activity and Mentor Peer Support) and WHISPA (Web of Hearing Impaired Student's Peer Alliance) is a peer mentoring and support group for young oral deaf people aged from 5 to 18 years.

CHAMPS is aimed at children aged 5 to 11 years and WHISPA is for those aged 12 years and older. 

The two branches have activities and objectives related directly to their age group.

The senior members of each group are given leadership skills and training. This enables them to act as mentors to the younger participants. 

We also host a parents coffee and catch up group for both CHAMPS and WHISPA twice per term. This gives parents the opportunity to have input and give feedback regarding activities and excursions, and to discuss their childs social wellbeing.

Why were CHAMPS & WHISPA formed? 

Three young deaf people formed WHISPA in 2006. Their goals were to help other young people with hearing loss navigate the challenges and avoid some of the pitfalls they had experienced themselves, as well as facilitating a unique friendship group based on the mutual experience of growing up with a hearing loss. Due to demand from parents and younger Cora Barclay Centre students CHAMPS was formed. 

How do I find out more about CHAMPS & WHISPA? 

Please contact the Peer Support Coordinator on 08 8267 9200 or email

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