Teachers of the Deaf

The Cora Barclay Centre Student Services Department has a team of Teachers of the Deaf to support children who are deaf or hearing impaired within the education environment. They are all registered teachers who have undertaken specialist qualifications in the area of hearing impairment.

Cora Barclay Centre’s Teachers of the Deaf are skilled in specialised intervention with students diagnosed with a hearing impairment. They are trained in understanding the specific needs of students with a hearing impairment and support inclusion and participation at school on the same basis as their peers through development of personalised programs that identify and target areas requiring explicit teaching.


The role of Cora Barclay Centre’s Teachers of the Deaf is to facilitate and support students with a hearing impairment to receive an equitable education that is fair and inclusive, and supports individuals in reaching their learning potential. 

The individual needs of each student are supported by the Teachers of the Deaf through the suggestion of reasonable adjustments:

  • Within the students personal goals
  • Within the students individual learning plan
  • To the learning environment
  • To the curriculum

Students enrolled in Cora Barclay Centre's Student Services may be eligible for NDIS funding.

If you would like more information about Student Services and NDIS eligibility please contact reception@corabarclay.com.au or ring 08 8267 9200.

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