What does the NDIS mean to the Cora Barclay Centre?

The Cora Barclay Centre strongly supports the new arrangements of the NDIS and the philosophies behind the scheme. It will radically improve the lives of children who are deaf and hearing impaired in Australia. It represents a monumental step forward for people with disabilities in terms of access to services and service levels, and will empower them to make their own choices and decisions about matters relating to their condition.

The Cora Barclay Centre has been receiving some Government support for the service over the past 3 years however the bulk of that support will no longer be available and instead the Centre will rely on income from fees paid by families from their NDIA funding packages.

While the transition to this arrangement will be difficult for the Centre to manage, ultimately the Cora Barclay Centre will be better off under the new scheme. That said, the NDIS by no means will cover all our service costs which makes it critically important for the Cora Barclay Centre to maintain and strengthen our philanthropic funding from Trusts, Foundations, corporations and the general public.

The Cora Barclay Centre urges all families to transition to the NDIS as soon as you are comfortable to help strengthen the financial position of the Centre and to reinforce to what is a long overdue reform to the industry. The stronger the Centre is financially the more investment that can be made in aspects such as infrastructure, professional education and programs for families that access the service,continuing to make the Centre a world-class facility that provides the best possible support for your child.

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