Student Services

Last year every child who graduated from our Early Intervention program went on to attend a mainstream school. To ensure they continue to improve their communication skills and learning the Cora Barclay Centre offers a Student Services program. 

For younger children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) one of our Teachers of the Deaf visit the classroom, supporting children to continue achieving language and speech goals. Also, the Teachers of the Deaf can help classroom teachers provide the best environment for a child who is deaf or hearing impaired.  

As children become older we have recognised the stigma associated with being removed from the classroom for 'special' lessons and have addressed this with modern face-to-face and digital group programs which help students develop the necessary skills to achieve academic and long term goals. 

The Student Services team provides social competency programs for all age groups. These groups encourage team work, confidence building and development of resilience and self esteem. Take a look at how some of our high school students enjoy our WHISPA group program. 

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