When I Grow Up

28 November 2017

What did you want to be when you were little?

A princess?

A teacher?

A fireman?

At this time of year children from our Early Intervention program are moving on to school and many from our Student Services program are graduating to the world of work or into tertiary education.

One of the questions that gets asked a lot at this time, especially of our older students, is “what do you want to do in the future?”. We are delighted that for so many of our students the answers are limitless. Having a hearing loss may mean there are still one of two career paths that can’t be taken, but, in general, being able to listen and speak means that with hard work and dedication, dreams can come true.

Of course dreams do change. I doubt that there would be many of our current Student Services graduates who would give the same answer now to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” as they did when they were in Early Intervention, but the important thing is that all those dreams are possible.

In December many of your will receive an amazing letter from Bethany, a Cora Barclay Centre graduate who has achieved so much through her life already. Bethany is definitely an inspiration to other children with hearing loss and a proud advocate of letting nothing hold you back.

Bethany’s letter will also introduce 3 of our younger students who are already making big plans for their future, a future that we want to be sure has no limits.

We do hope that when you see Bethany’s letter, or see information online about our Christmas appeal you will consider making a contribution towards making sure that children with a hearing loss continue to be able to learn to listen and speak at the Cora Barclay Centre so that they can grow up to achieve their dreams.

It’s not just the children that attend the Centre that have ambitious dreams though. We spoke to our staff and it turns out that many of them had big plans for their future when they were little. Take a look below at the array of interests and talents we have at the Centre! 


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