Our Graduates - Where are they now?

16 March 2017

We love hearing about what our past students are up to now, and it's great to keep in touch with them.

Today we catch up with Jonathan Pope, a past student who now helps currently students in his role at Australian Hearing.

I have an almost mild / moderate to profound loss in the left ear and a severe to profound loss in the right ear. I received my first set of hearing aids for my 4th birthday – the day I first heard the indicator in the car and I had no idea what I was hearing!

After university I enrolled in a Certificate IV in Real Estate and landed a job selling through LJ Hooker West Lakes. This gave me quite a bit of experience and helped me to develop further as an individual as I was put straight into the deep end I was required to do a fair bit of prospecting by making literally 100’s of phone calls and marketing myself to the broader community.

After spending 2.5 years in real estate I decided to have a change but I wanted to use the skills that I have developed in my real estate jobs they were primarily marketing and target based sales approaches.

I managed to land a job with Australian Hearing as a Community Hearing Advisor. In this role I am required to do the following:

  • Attracting and growing the stakeholder base and new client base for the Adelaide area
  • Ensure events and event outcomes are recorded appropriately in the database
  • Identify and generate opportunities to hold promotional events within pharmacies, GP Clinics and various other community events
  • Undertake hearing checks at screening events at various locations, then arrange appointments with clients

In this role, having a hearing impairment is great for me as it has allowed me to connect with clients on a very personal level. To have that level of trust and empathy with clients gives me an advantage. There have been times where I have struggled but I have been able to overcome these times by asking questions and clarifying answers.

I have been able to undertake some further study since starting with Australian Hearing. I have successfully completed Graduate Certificate in Management, a Graduate Diploma of Management and am on track to complete the MBA this year.

You can read more about what our students do after they graduate on our Outcome Results page.


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