Looking after your ears at Clipsal

01 March 2017

Tomorrow thousands of people will head over to Victoria Park in Adelaide and watch Clipsal 500. What most attendees won’t consider is how this major event will affect their hearing and ear health.

The cars that zoom around the Clipsal 500 track will reach in excess of 100dB; a level that can cause damage to the sensitive inner ear in just 15 minutes.

Hearing damage is also cumulative. So if you attend loud events regularly you can be doing damage to your ears without realising.

We’re not going to suggest that you bin your Clipsal 500 ticket, but we do hope that you will consider your ears and keep them safe during the 3 days.

For adults, purchase some ear plugs, which you can get from your local pharmacy. Just check their rating to ensure that they will block enough sound at such a loud event.

If you are taking children along to Clipsal 500 we really recommend that you purchase specialised hearing protection for children. The Cora Barclay Centre has no affiliation with any brand or supplier, but two currently available online are:

EM’s for Kids
Baby Banz

It’s probably common sense that an activity as loud as the Clipsal 500 will cause you damage to your ears, but how do you know if lower level activities are doing damage?

A basic rule of thumb is that is you need to raise your voice or shout to carry on a conversation then the noise around you is probably too loud and prolonged exposure could be causing damage.

The best way to think about looking after your ears is that it is akin to looking after your skin in the sun. You should always protect your skin with sunscreen when the UV is high, knowing that even though you don’t get burned this time, prolonged sun exposure without protection can cause serious long term damage.

So look after your ears and if you have any concerns that your hearing is being compromised from too much noise exposure you can always come and see us to get a hearing test


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