Listening & Spoken Language Themes: Easter

27 March 2018

Keeping your listening and spoken language activities fun and fresh can be tricky. It’s easy to get into the routine of using the same toys and books and falling back on old favourites. So, when a holiday pops up, it’s the perfect time to try some new games and crafts.

We asked our amazing Early Intervention Therapy team to come up with a few ideas to take advantage of your child’s enthusiasm for the Easter break, while sneaking in some listening and lots of language development.

Little boy with hearing aids carrying basket with eggs inside

That early morning hunt for too much chocolate can be turned into a great language activity. As your child hunts for eggs you can talk about the position of the hidden eggs – under the tree, behind the table, on the swing etc.

You can even give your child hints using the positions to help them find the eggs.

Hatching Objects

You can find small plastic eggs in supermarkets and craft stores in the lead up to Easter. Fill them with little objects (toys, food, whatever will fit) then describe the object in side to your child. Let them ask you questions and try to work out what is inside the egg. When they get it right – or it has taken too long, let them pop open the egg.

Cracking Egg Craft

This great artwork is a wonderful opportunity for language.

You can talk about all the different aspects of creating the artwork:

  • First we cut out the egg
  • Not we stick on the spots
  • Next we make the dinosaur
  • Next we stick down the dinosaur; etc

And you don’t just have to do it with dinosaurs. Think about the all different animals that hatch from eggs and use those to create a series of crafts.

Smiling woman wearing bunny ears and holding a paper basket filled with chocolate eggs

Making an Easter Basket is a great way to build the anticipation around Easter morning, and doesn’t have to be complicated and fancy. Grab an empty egg carton or a small box and decorate it. You can use this time to talk about colours, shapes and images on stickers. You can even have a conversation with your child about what they think the Easter Bunny would like to see on the basket.

Once you have a beautiful basket add a cardboard handle and fill the basket with tinsel, straw or shredder paper to create a little nest for the Easter Bunny to leave an egg in. You can talk about why we need to make the nest soft and what kind of animals usually have nests.

Little boy wearing rabbit head band and smiling

Another great craft is to make a rabbit headband. While you’re crafting, make sure to use lots of language such as:

  • How will we make the ears soft?
  • How long should we make the ears and teeth?
  • Are the rabbit’s teeth the same as ours? How are they different?

You can also talk about what rabbits eat and how you look after them. Afterwards you can wear your headband and hop around the garden like an amazing Easter Bunny!

So, there you have it, lots of Easter activities that will help your child develop speech and language. Do you have any Easter activities to share?


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