Do I need hearing protection if I have hearing loss?

10 October 2017

Poster Advertising Rockin Out for Deaf Kids 3pm 15/10/2017 Crown and Anchor Adelaide

On Sunday from 3pm a lovely supporter, Matt, is hosting a Loud Shirt Day fundraiser for the Centre. 8 bands throughout the day at the Crown and Anchor in the city.

We would love people to go along, have a great time and support the Centre (Facebook Event Page), but we, and the organiser, Matt, want to be sure that everyone’s ears are safe at the event as it might get quite loud.

For people who don’t have a hearing loss it’s fairly common to wear ear plugs (which will be available at the event) or special hearing protection ear muffs. These allow you to enjoy the event, but help prevent the sound from damaging the inner ear and causing any long term issues.

When it comes to children with hearing loss we often have people say that they just take their hearing aids out or take off their cochlear if it gets too loud. We understand the logic behind this, and it seems like the right course of action, but you do need to do more.

In the majority of cases hearing loss in children is caused by damage to the inner ear. Depending upon the level of damage the loss can be from mild to profound. As we discussed in a previous blog post hearing aids amplify sounds and cochlear implants bypass the inner ear to deliver sound directly to the auditory nerve. However, this doesn’t mean that sound isn’t reaching the inner ear. Sound waves are still travelling into the inner ear, whether they results in effective hearing, or not.

If the sound travelling into the inner ear is too loud it can cause the same type of damage as in a person with full hearing. This means that people with hearing loss can cause further damage to their inner ear, potentially increasing their level of hearing loss. Therefore, it is just as important for people with hearing loss to use hearing protection in addition to their hearing technology.

For those with hearing aids who have a mould, it will provide some protection, but to be confident of protection it’s best to use ear muffs too. For anyone who doesn’t have ear moulds with their hearing aids then good quality ear plugs can be used.

If you have a cochlear implant damage can be caused to any residual auditory hearing. Therefore, it’s best to wear ear plugs or ear muffs to protect even the slightest residual hearing.

We hope to see you all on Sunday at the gig, with your hearing protection! 


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