Can one donation really make a difference?

20 June 2017

We are very grateful for the people that support the Cora Barclay Centre with donations throughout the year. Every dollar really does make a difference, especially at the moment when NDIS is causing such issues and is sending us towards a funding gap of $500,000 (you can read more about the issues around NDIS in our CEO blog updates here and here).

The donation you make to the Cora Barclay Centre is an investment. It's an investment in the future for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.

By making a donation you are making a life long impact on the life of a child.

Today, we wanted to show you exactly what an investment in the future of a child who is deaf or hearing impaired looks like. 

We have highlighted 2 children to show you how therapy and hard work helps speech and language develop over time. We hope you enjoy Jeremy and Zara's progress. 


7 months 

At this stage Jeremy is wearing 2 hearing aids. 

21 months

Jeremy is still wearing 2 hearing aids at this point, but he is making great animal sounds and is listening really well to instructions. 

3 years

This video was taken just a few days ago. Jeremy is now 3 years old, and earlier this year he had one cochlear implant fitted as his loss in one ear was deemed such that he would benefit from a cochlear implant. Therefore, Jeremy has only had optimum listening in his right ear since March 2017. He has adjusted to his cochlear implant incredibly well and is speaking and listening well. 


3 years 

Zara wears bilateral hearing aids. 

7 years

Here Zara explains about her hearing loss. 

You can see what a difference therapy and support has made in the lives of Jeremy and Zara. A donation this year can support hundreds of children achieve equally great outcomes now, and into the future.

If you would like to make a donation you can head over to our Supporting the Future page, visit the Centre in person, or call us on 08 8267 9200.


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