2017 Annual General Meeting

30 May 2017

Last night we held the Cora Barclay Centre Annual General Meeting. These events can be a little dry, but are necessary to ensure the Centre has appropriate governance in place and a solid team of Directors to ensure we are moving into the future in the strongest possible position. 

At the AGM we launched the 2016 Annual Report. This year has seen us take a new approach, with the report only being available to view online, and with much more visual content so that you can really get an idea of what happens here at the Centre. 

As the title of our Annual Report, Rising to the Challenge, suggests, this year has not been plain sailing, in fact it has been one of our most challenging to date. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to be our number on challenge providing endless issues for our Centre, families of children with a hearing loss and the sector as a whole. 

Although the financial toll on the Centre has been substantial, the potential effects to the future of children who are deaf or hearing impaired will be even greater. The Centre has been working tirelessly to ensure that children who are deaf or hearing impaired do not have reduced access to services, are able to learn to listen, speak and communicate with the world and have every opportunity to achieve lifelong social and emotional well-being and economic independence. 

Our commitment to this has been borne out through the 2016 outcomes: 

•    72% of Cora Barclay Centre children in Early Childhood Intervention achieved spoken language outcomes commensurate to the general population; and
•    79% of children in Student Services achieved spoken language outcomes commensurate to the general population 

So although the Centre, its staff and board have been rising to the challenge of the NDIS, our families continue to rise to their challenge every day – learning to listen and speak and allow their children to reach their full potential. 

We’d love to get your feedback on our annual report, so please take a few moments to have a look. 


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