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09 April 2018

Sound field Systems. What? Why?

Sound Field Systems provide a solution to the problems of everyone being able to hear in acoustically difficult environments. Click to read more.

27 March 2018

Listening & Spoken Language Themes: Easter

Keeping your listening and spoken language activities fun and fresh can be tricky. It’s easy to get into the routine of using the same toys and books and falling back on old favourites. So, when a holiday pops up, like Easter, it’s the perfect time to try some new games and crafts. Click to read more.

13 March 2018

Using books to support speech therapy

We often talk about how important books are to our therapies. Whether it’s Listening and Spoken Language therapy for children with hearing loss or speech pathology for our community clients, books are a mine of useful speech and language activities. Today we wanted to show you just how we use books with our community Speech Pathology clients, and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to support your own child’s spoken language. Click to read more.

27 February 2018

Why do we talk to babies who are deaf?

Listening and spoken language therapy starts for children when they are just 4 weeks old. For children who are profoundly deaf they have very little auditory input at this time. So why is it so important to get started at such a young age? Click to read more.

13 February 2018

The importance of Experience Books

Experience Books are a very important part of Auditory-Verbal Therapy, but can be used with all children to develop language and listening skills. But what is an Experience Book and why are they so useful? Click to read more.

30 January 2018

The many benefits of music

At the Centre we use music to support auditory-verbal therapy and help teach children who are deaf or hearing impaired to listen and speak. But why is music such a worthwhile tool for language development? Click to read more.

23 January 2018

Getting ready for school the Cora Barclay Centre way

Our pre-schoolers will be starting school next week and many of them have been part of our Bright Start: Transition to School program. But what do children who go through this program learn? Click to read more.

16 January 2018

Tips for teachers setting up a classroom for a child with a hearing impairment

Are you a teacher, and have a child with a hearing impairment in your classroom? This guide will help you set up your classroom for optimal listening and learning. Click to read more.

09 January 2018

New Beginnings: Adjusting to Starting School

In a few weeks lots of children will be heading to school for the first time. It can be a stressful time for children, and parents. Our Early Intervention Manager, Rachael and our Child & Family Counsellor, Belinda have put together a short guide to help you take as much stress out of the transition as possible. Click to read more.

02 January 2018

Reflections of 2017

When you think back over the last 12 months, what will be your abiding memory? Will it be happy? Will it be one of overcoming struggle? Will it be how far things have come? Today we asked our Board and staff what their lasting memories of 2017 will be. Click to read more.

26 December 2017

Christmas Auditory-Verbal Therapy activities

Coming up with new activities for language development can be hard, but use what's around - Christmas! Here are a few holiday themed activities to help. Click to read more.

19 December 2017

Easing the pressure for families over the school holidays and festive season

The holiday season can be difficult for families. There can be lots of stress and a lack of time to process the best ways to deal with it. Our Child & Family Counsellor, Belinda, has a few tips to help keep things calm and as stress free as possible during the holidays. Click to read more.

12 December 2017

A Word from our CEO: An End of Year Wrap Up

05 December 2017

What do you buy a hearing impaired child for Christmas?

If you are feeling a little stuck this year for present ideas have a look at our list of presents that should bring a smile to your child’s face as well as building their listening and language skills. Click to read more.

28 November 2017

When I Grow Up

What did you want to be when you grow up? For children with hearing loss their parents spend a lot of time thinking about what the future might bring. Click to read more.

21 November 2017

Trivia Night 2017

The Centre had it's first Trivia Night earlier this month, and the funds will be supporting a relocation and upgrade of our library. Click to read more.

14 November 2017

Our graduates - Where are they now? Melissa

Cora Barclay Centre graduate, Melissa, is doing amazing things with her life. Click to read more.

07 November 2017

Who was Cora Barclay?

We are named after Mrs Cora Barclay. But why was this woman so important to the Centre. Click to read more.

31 October 2017

Spooky Speech

Special days call for special therapy. Today we have put together a few speech and language activities specific to Halloween. Enjoy your spooky speech. Click to read more.

24 October 2017

What are the Stages of Language Development?

Parents often worry that their child isn't developing in line with milestones, however, often we don't know when they should be reaching those milestones. Today we take a look at language and speech acquisition in children and what to expect in children without hearing loss. Click to read more.

17 October 2017

Keeping children with hearing loss safe at the beach

As the weather warms up children start looking forward to going to the beach and splashing in the water. For children with hearing loss there are a number practical and safety considerations. Click to read more.

10 October 2017

Do I need hearing protection if I have hearing loss?

It is a common misconception that people with hearing loss don't need to use ear plugs. Today we put that to rest. Click to read more.

03 October 2017

More than hearing aids? What technologies are available to children with a hearing loss

Which type of hearing technology should your child receive? Hearings aids, cochlear implants, BAHA's? There are so many different types, but when should you use which, and how do they work? Click to read more.

26 September 2017

What is Microtia & Atresia?

Microtia and atresia are not very common causes of hearing loss, but they give very difference challenges to the more common losses. The conditions result in the ear and ear canal not forming properly, meaning sound can not reach the inner ear through air conduction. Click to read more.

19 September 2017

Language outcomes for children with hearing loss

Each year we release the results our students achieve through spoken language assessments. The positive impact early intervention is having for children who are deaf or hearing impaired and use listening and spoken language is evident.

12 September 2017

How to Build Resilience in your Child

Life for children is constantly changing, so how can you help them stay positive and be resilient to the changes they experience? Today we look at a few ways to support your child. Click for more.

05 September 2017

A Word from Our CEO: Behind the Scenes

Michael, our CEO is on holiday so taking the reigns on our organisational update this month is Amanda, our General Manager. Amanda wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain at all the back office operations of the Centre. Click to read more.

29 August 2017

What are Ling Sounds and why do we test for them?

The Ling Sound Test is an extremely important part of Auditory-Verbal Therapy, but what is it? And why do we use it? Click to read more.

22 August 2017

How to help your child love reading, and why it’s important

It's Book Week, so naturally we are thinking about all wonderful time we spend reading with our children. But why is reading to your children so important and how do you encourage a child who doesn't love reading to become crazy about books? Click to read more.

15 August 2017

Unilateral Hearing Loss: Is intervention still necessary?

Unilateral hearing loss (hearing loss in one ear) can often be dismissed as not worth intervention since the child has ‘one good ear’. However, the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing Guidelines (2013) states, “All children who are identified with hearing loss of any degree, including those with unilateral or slight hearing loss...(should) receive appropriate monitoring and immediate follow-up intervention services”. Click to read more.

08 August 2017

What effect does screen time have on language development?

The time in front of a visual electronic device is referred to as screen time which has become a common activity (or inactivity) in this advanced technological age. So why is this bad for our children (and particularly those with a hearing loss) when learning to listen and speak? Click to read more

01 August 2017

The Brightest Start

It's term 3, which means our Bright Start: Transition to School program has started. But why is it so important for children with a hearing loss to get a 'leg up' before heading to school?

25 July 2017

How do listening skills help with literacy development?

As we start thinking about Book Week (it's just around the corner), we wanted to focus on why reading and listening and so intrinsically linked.

18 July 2017

Why talking to yourself is a good thing!

Do you talk to yourself? Sometimes? Always? Never? Well it's actually a great help in teaching your child theory of mind and language. Click for more.

11 July 2017

What do fruit and vegetables have to do with hearing loss?

We do hundreds of hearing tests each year at the Cora Barclay Centre, but we know that many people don't understand the audiograms that they receive, or take to their ENT or other health care professional afterwards. Today we look at audiograms and why the speech banana and string bean are important. Click to read more.

04 July 2017

A Word from our CEO - Positives and Difficulties

Updating our community on the things that impact on the governance and funding of the Centre is a priority for our CEO, Michael Forwood. This month he details what has occurred since his last blog in May and also some positive steps forward. Click to read more.

27 June 2017

Our Graduates - Where are they now? - Angela

Starting at our kindergarten when we were based in Walkerville, Angela has grown to become an amazing advocate for the Cora Barclay Centre. Her story shows that having a hearing impairment won't hold you back. Click to read more.

20 June 2017

Can one donation really make a difference?

People often think that their one donation perhaps doesn't have an enormous impact, but every dollar donated helps a child who is deaf take the next step in their journey to listening and speaking.

06 June 2017

Does my child need a break from their hearing aids or cochlear implants?

Why is it so vital that a child wear their hearing aid or cochlear implant during all waking hours? Does it really make a difference? Click to read more.

30 May 2017

2017 Annual General Meeting

Monday 29 May saw the Centre hold its Annual General Meeting and launch the 2016 Annual Report. Click to read more.

23 May 2017

Baby Sign - a good idea?

Baby Sign is a popular tool that many parents consider using, but is it something you should investigate? Click to read more.

16 May 2017

Our Graduates - Where are they now? - Bethany

It’s great catching up with our alumni, and today we are hearing Bethany’s story from diagnosis to where she is now; and she’s been busy! Click to read more.

09 May 2017

At a Glance

We have spent a few weeks looking at all the many services the Cora Barclay Centre provides to children who are deaf or hearing impaired and the general community. Today we look at the Centre, at a glance.

04 May 2017

A Word From Our CEO - More on the NDIS and inquiries

In his latest blog our CEO gives you a look inside his role; that of writing submissions, making phone calls, emailing and meeting face-to-face with federal and state politicians and senior government administrators - all with the aim of getting better outcomes for hearing-impaired children and their families. He also gives an update on the NDIS and the issues that still exist for children with a hearing loss who are part of the scheme.

25 April 2017

Audiology at the Cora Barclay Centre

The Cora Barclay Centre offers a variety of audiological services to children and adults. Read all about what we offer and get information on when it might be a good time to get your child's hearing tested. Click here to read more.

18 April 2017

Speech Pathology at the Cora Barclay Centre

The Cora Barclay Centre offers Speech Pathology to clients and the general community. However, many people don't fully understand the differences a Speech Pathologist can make. Click here to read more.

11 April 2017

How we support social and emotional well-being in young people

Being able to listen and speak is only part of the focus for children who are deaf or hearing impaired that join the Cora Barclay Centre family. Social and emotional well-being are also a strong part of what we aim to help young people achieve, and one of the main vehicles for this is our peer support program. Click to read more.

06 April 2017

What happens when children who are deaf or hearing impaired go to school?

Once a child has graduated from our Early Intervention program, what happens? The Cora Barclay Centre continues to support young people with a hearing loss through their school years with our Student Services program. Read on to find out exactly how we do this and the positive outcomes it creates. Click to read more.

21 March 2017

All About Early Intervention at the Cora Barclay Centre

The majority of children who are supported by the Cora Barclay Centre began their time with us in the Early Intervention Program. But we often get asked, what actually happens in Early Intervention and why is it so important? Today we are going to give you a peek behind the curtain at exactly what happens during an Early Intervention therapy session.

16 March 2017

Our Graduates - Where are they now?

We love hearing about what our past students are up to now, and it's great to keep in touch with them. Today we catch up with Jonathan Pope, a past student who now helps currently students in his role at Australian Hearing. Click here to read more.

14 March 2017

A Look Back in Time

For over 71 years the Cora Barclay Centre has been teaching children who are deaf or hearing impaired to listen and speak. Today we take a look at the many significant milestones achieved. Click to read more.

06 March 2017

Launch of First Voice Graduate Outcomes Report and Deloitte Cost Benefit Analysis

On World Hearing Day (Friday 3 March) our CEO, Michael Forwood, attended the launch of 3 reports by First Voice. These reports highlighted the incredible outcomes of children who are supported by First Voice centres, of which the Cora Barclay Centre is one. The launch was aimed at informing government decision makers, other stakeholders and the general public of the extraordinary outcomes achieved by deaf children participating in our programs throughout Australia. Why did we need to do this? Click to read on and find out.

01 March 2017

Looking after your ears at Clipsal

Clipsal 500 starts tomorrow. Have you thought about how it might affect your hearing? Click here to read more.

28 February 2017

Hearing Services under the NDIS

Our CEO addresses the most important thing happening in Australia for children who are deaf or hearing impaired and their families; the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the Federal Parliament Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS conducting an inquiry into the provision of hearing services under the scheme. Click to read more.

25 February 2017

International Cochlear Implant Day

What is a cochlear implant? How does it work? And what does it help a child who is deaf to achieve? Today we explore all of these questions. Click to read more.

21 January 2017

International Mother Language Day

Today is the UN’s International Mother Language Day. UNESCO (United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) states that “to foster sustainable development, learners must have access to education in their mother tongue and other language. It is through the mastery of their first language or mother tongue that the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy are acquired.” The Cora Barclay Centre works with children who are deaf or hearing impaired so that they can learn their mother tongue - spoken communication, in whatever language that should is. Click to read more.

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