Vision, Mission & Values


No limits for children who are deaf. 


The Mission of the Cora Barclay Centre is to help children who are deaf or hearing impaired to learn to speak and reach their full potential through intensive early childhood intervention, school years and early adult support, psycho-social development and ongoing assessments. These outcomes are achieved through family-centred practice and professional expertise in listening and spoken language therapy.

Our Values

  • We will always put first the needs of the children and families we support

  • We will involve families in services planning and delivery

  • We respect the rights of families to make choices

  • We are committed to evidenced-based practice

  • We will always act with integrity and honesty

  • We undertake to deliver services in a kind and caring manner that recognises each child and family’s individuality and humanity

  • We value and respect our team and are committed to their development and well-being.

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